INTEGRITY Surface Supplied Diving Monitor & Computer

ADS’s INTEGRITY Surface Supplied Diving Monitor (SSDM) and Surface Supplied Diving Computer (SSDC) are dive monitoring and decompression computing systems that meet the quality and reliability requirements of the professional surface supplied diver. Surface personnel experience improved situational awareness while the SSDM automatically maintains detailed dive records. The SSDC provides the same monitoring functionality as the SSDM and also manages decompression. The SSDC supports a range of decompression tables and algorithms


  • Suitable for Deck Use
  • Sunlight Readable
  • Supports Most Algorithms

Major Components

  • Command Module
  • Diver Unit

Detailed Description

ADS’s INTEGRITY Surface Supplied Diving Monitor is a surface based dive computer that continuously monitors diver depth. The INTEGRITY SSDC calculates decompression requirements in real-time. A diver worn depth sensor transmits diver depth measurements to the surface via the diver’s umbilical.

The SSDM and SSDC are designed to support the professional surface supplied diver in several ways. Surface based personnel remain in control of the diver’s decompression management. The SSDC is designed to support nearly any decompression algorithm. And, both the design and design process for the SSDM and SSDC are thoroughly documented and available to customers for review and use in safety cases.

The INTEGRITY SSDM and SSDC represent the future of decompression management for professional diving. Contact ADS to discuss the application of these products to your operation.