Integrity Saturation Chamber Monitoring and Control

ADS's Integrity Saturation Chamber Monitoring (SCM) and Saturation Chamber Control (SCC) systems provide monitoring and optionally automate pressure and oxygen control in saturation chambers based on your company's procedures. Systems can be integrated into an existing mechanical control panel or serve as the basis for integrated electronic control and record keeping in a modern saturation complex.


  • Automatic Pressure Control
  • Automatic Oxygen Control
  • Carbon Dioxide Monitoring
  • Custom Pressurization and Decompression Profiles
  • Hyperbaric Exposure Recording

Major Components

  • Command Module
  • Data Acquisition Module (If Required)
  • Valve and Sensor Package
  • Remote Command Module (Optional)
  • Overview Display (Optional)

Detailed Description

The Integrity Saturation Chamber Monitor (SCM) monitors saturation chamber depth, oxygen content and carbon dioxide content. The Integrity Saturation Chamber Control (SCC) system uses the depth measurement to control pressure in accordance with company specific procedures. The oxygen measurement is used to automatically maintain oxygen levels while the carbon dioxide reading triggers warnings as levels reach sodasorb change-out, warning and alarm limits.

Each pressure area under control requires an associated Command Module and Data Acquisition (DAQ) Module. The Command Module provides an operator interface and houses the primary electronics while the DAQ module interfaces with sensors and valves plummed into the chamber system. The standard installation includes two pressurization valves, one for 2% oxygen-in-helium and one for a breathable bottom-mix, and two exhaust valves, one for exhausting quickly and one for slow saturation decompression at depth. An alternative installation with single pressurization and single exhaust valves is supported with reductions in functionality.

Each lock's control panel is normally mounted near manual control valves which provide a backup to the automated system. When fitted in a traditional control room, the Command Module is installed in the main control panel with the automated control valves and sensors in a convenient out of the way location. When used as the basis for an electronic control room, one or more Remote Command Modules (RCMs) are installed in the control room providing remote control of one or more Command Modules located along with manual valving near the chambers. In either case, an Overview Display can be installed to provide an integrated status display for the entire saturation complex.

In addition to monitoring and control, the Integrity SCM and SCC include a data recording and management system that produces a record of each diver's complete hyperbaric exposure.