Director Profile: Saul Rosser


CEO / Diving Systems Engineer


  • Saturation Automation, DSVs Skandi Arctic and Seven Atlantic
  • Air Saturation Monitoring, NSRS TUP
  • Operations Director, Aquarius Habitat
  • Professional Engineer, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • ADCI Surface Supplied Diving Supervisor
  • Experienced Engineering and Operations Manager
Saul Rosser

ADS’s co-founder and CEO, Saul Rosser, is a Diving Systems Engineer with experience in saturation and surface supplied diving. Saul has been passionate about diving, particularly saturation diving, since childhood. He has significant experience managing complex diving projects and operations subject to stringent safety and compliance requirements.

Saul received a bachelor’s degree from Yale University with majors in mechanical engineering and computer science as well as a master’s degree in Ocean Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After attending commercial diving school in Fort William, Scotland, Saul took a trainee position as a saturation diving technician in the Gulf of Mexico with Stolt Offshore (now part of Caldive). When the trainee position concluded, Saul moved to Aberdeen, Scotland, for a dive systems engineering role with a global leader in dive equipment manufacturing; Divex Ltd.

While at Divex, Saul worked as an engineer and engineering manager on several new-build saturation diving projects and for several years led the effort to build a fully automated electronic control system for the saturation diving complexes onboard the new-build Dive Support Vessels Skandi Arctic and Seven Atlantic. These projects were based on stringent safety and compliance requirements for operations in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. During his time at Divex, Saul also developed an electronic monitoring and control system for the NATO Submarine Rescue System’s Transfer Under Pressure facility; an air saturation system.

After leaving Divex and obtaining an MBA from the French business school INSEAD, Saul served as Operations Director for the underwater saturation diving habitat Aquarius which is owned by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This role included technical responsibility for the habitat, located four miles offshore and sixty feet (twenty meters) under water; management responsibility for the related facilities, staff and budget; and operational responsibility including serving as a surface-supplied and saturation diving supervisor. Saul’s most significant project while at Aquarius involved bringing equipment and procedures into compliance with OSHA regulations and industry best practices.

Saul left Aquarius in 2012 to form Advanced Diving Systems. He is based in San Francisco, California.