Products Overview


Advanced Diving Systems’ products apply electronics to professional diving and hyperbaric medicine.

ADS is currently developing a range of products for control and monitoring of hyperbaric chambers and surface supplied divers. At the core of these products is ADS's INTEGRITY platform which has been designed from the ground up for reliability and safety integrity.

The core functionality of ADS's chamber control products – automatic pressure control and hyperbaric exposure logging – is applicable to a range of applications including saturation diving, air recompression chambers and hyperbaric medicine. ADS is developing INTEGRITY derivatives for each application with options including: automatic oxygen control, carbon dioxide monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring and control, and multi-chamber operations. A monitoring only version is also available.

ADS is also developing a decompression computer for surface-supplied diving known as a Surface Supplied Diving Computer (SSDC). The INTEGRITY SSDC brings the functionality of a diving computer to professional surface supplied diving. Dive management remains with the dive supervisor, exposure logging is integrated, and a documentation package supports risk assessment and certification requirements.