INTEGRITY Medical Chamber Monitor and Control

ADS's INTEGRITY Medical Chamber Monitor (MCM) and Medical Chamber Control (MCC) systems provide treatment monitoring and automate hyperbaric oxygen and recompression treatment procedures. The MCC supports both standard and customized treatment profiles. Once begun, each treatment profile progresses automatically until operator input is required and then continues once that input is made. Automatic profile management and record keeping improve the quality and traceability of decompression and treatment procedures.


  • Automatic Treatments
  • Oxygen Monitoring (Optional)
  • Carbon Dioxide Monitoring (Optional)
  • Standard and Bespoke Protocols
  • Record Keeping and Export

Major Components

  • Command Module
  • Data Acquisition Module (If Required)
  • Valve and Sensor Package
  • Remote Command Module (Optional)

Detailed Description

The INTEGRITY Medical Chamber Monitor (MCM) and Medical Chamber Control (MCC) systems monitor chamber pressure, and optionally oxygen and carbon dioxide content. The measured pressure is used to control pressure in accordance with approved treatment protocols.

Each lock, or pressure area, under INTEGRITY control requires an associated Command Module and Data Acquisition (DAQ) Module. The Command Module provides an operator interface and houses the primary electronics while the DAQ module interfaces with sensors and valves plumBed into the chamber system. The standard installation includes one pressurization valve and one exhaust valve. A second automated pressurization valve is optionally available to support automatic use of a secondary air supply.

The INTEGRITY MCM and MCC are available for retrofit into existing hyperbaric systems and for use by chamber manufacturers.

In addition to monitoring and control, the INTEGRITY provides a data recording and management system that makes treatment records available for archiving in an Electronic Medical Records system.

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