The Development Lifecycle

Formal Development Process

Formal Processes

Modern standards for safety-critical electronic systems require system development to follow a formal development process and for maintenance and support to similarly follow appropriate formal procedures; particularly when changes are made to the original system.

In the past, some organizations considered it sufficient to verify complex electronic systems by testing the equipment. Unfortunately, in many industries it became clear that for systems of even moderate complexity, it is not realistic to test for all possible failure modes. As a result, modern standards for safety critical systems require not only formal testing, but also formal design and design verification processes.

Advanced Diving Systems employs a product development procedure which complies with modern standards. It is similar to development processes used by many organizations undertaking safety-critical development. Please contact ADS for more information on our development processes and how they apply to your application.

Quality Management

Modern development processes, including ADS’s, form part of a quality management system. ADS’s quality management system conforms to ISO 9001:2008 and incorporates activities such as document control; part numbering; configuration management and version control; personnel training and competency management as well as change management.

The V-Model

VModel Simplified

ADS uses a development process which is often conceptualized as a V-Model and which is compliant with and largely based on the requirements of IEC 61508. The process begins with Requirements Definition and is then followed by design at increasing levels of detail. Design is completed prior to implementation which includes both hardware manufacturing and software coding. Once implementation is completed, testing proceeds from the smallest hardware and software components to field testing of the entire system. Finally, the system is verified against the design and validated against the requirements. The simplified V-Model diagram shown here illustrates the basic concept while ADS’s full V-Model diagram is available here (pdf opens in new window).