Customization and Bespoke Systems

Bespoke Systems

ADS products are designed to achieve cost savings through standardization, but in many cases customization is necessary to meet your specific needs. We are ready to support your unique requirements; from integrating your bespoke decompression procedures into a Hyperbaric Monitoring and Control System to development of a fully integrated monitoring and control system for your new saturation diving system.


  • Customized Protocols
  • Control System Integration
  • Related Applications
  • Compliance and Certification Packages

Detailed Description

As diving and hyperbaric procedures differ between organizations and around the world, many ADS products require customization or parameterization to meet specific operational protocols. We have designed our products to make customization to your protocols simple.

ADS’s Topside Decompression Monitor can be configured with your preferred decompression algorithm or the parameters of an already existing algorithm can be modified to meet your risk management requirements.

Hyperbaric Monitoring and Control Systems can be readily configured by ADS to automate your compression, decompression and treatment procedures. Each custom procedure is developed from standard software elements such as pressure change segments, pressure hold segments, and gas switches. In complex or heavily integrated hyperbaric control applications ADS’s standard products can be used as the basis of a bespoke solution.

Customization may also involve development of a bespoke documentation or certification package. All ADS products are developed to meet international practices for development of safety critical systems. The standard ADS Development Process produces a strong and thorough documentation package which can serve as the basis for compliance and certification to many national or international standards or your organizations unique requirements.

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