INTEGRITY Air Chamber Monitoring and Control

ADS's INTEGRITY Air Chamber Monitor (ACM) and Air Chamber Control (ACC) systems automate surface decompression and recompression treatment procedures. Integration with the Integrity Surface Supplied Diving Monitor or Surface Supplied Diving Computer allows seamless transition from the water to the chamber for surface decompression. Automatic profile management and record keeping improve the quality and traceability of decompression and treatment procedures.


  • Automatic Pressure Control
  • Oxygen Monitoring (Optional)
  • Carbon Dioxide Monitoring (Optional)
  • Standard (U.S. Navy) and Bespoke Pressure Profiles
  • Hyperbaric Exposure Recording

Major Components

  • Command Module
  • Data Acquisition Module (If Required)
  • Valve and Sensor Package
  • Remote Command Module (Optional)

Detailed Description

The INTEGRITY Air Chamber Monitor (ACM) and Air Chamber Control (ACC) systems monitor chamber depth, and optionally oxygen and carbon dioxide content. With the ACC system, the measured depth is used to control pressure in accordance with company specific procedures. The oxygen and carbon dioxide measurements are used to trigger warnings and alarms.

Each lock, or pressure area, under INTEGRITY control requires an associated Command Module and Data Acquisition (DAQ) Module. The Command Module provides an operator interface and houses the primary electronics while the DAQ module interfaces with sensors and valves plummed into the chamber system. The standard installation includes one pressurization valve and one exhaust valve. However, a second automated pressurization valve is optionally available to support automatic use of a secondary air supply.

The INTEGRITY Command Module and DAQ module are suitable for use in indoor or outdoor environments and support a range of mounting arrangements including mounting directly to chambers and into control panels.

In addition to monitoring and control, INTEGRITY products provide a data recording and management system that can be used independently or in conjunction with an INTEGRITY Surface Supplied Diving Monitor or Surface Supplied Diving Computer.