About Advanced Diving Systems


Advanced Diving Systems (ADS) is applying advanced electronics to professional diving and hyperbaric systems. Our products are designed to improve operational safety and efficiency. We focus on safety, quality and reliability while offering customers savings through development of standardized solutions.

Before launching ADS in 2012, ADS founders Saul Rosser and Wayne Boyd worked together on the development of an electronic control system for the saturation diving complexes onboard the North Sea Dive Support Vessels Skandi Arctic and Seven Atlantic. These were ground breaking systems in which the saturation control and dive control rooms were entirely electronic. Saul had also developed a monitoring and control system for a saturation decompression system which makes up part of the NATO Submarine Rescue System. To learn more about these projects, an article about electronics in diving is available here. These systems represented major advances in the technology of professional diving and were compliant with stringent safety requirements, but they were expensive and took a long time to design and build.

In recent years, other major electronic monitoring and control systems have been developed for saturation diving, hyperbaric medical chambers and surface supplied diving. In nearly all cases, these electronic monitoring and control systems have improved safety or efficiency or both. But, each new system has involved an expensive custom development process and some have failed to adhere to modern standards for functional safety of electronic systems.

Recognizing that poor adherence to standards by some organizations and expensive development processes were limiting the use of safety-critical electronic control systems in diving, ADS was founded with the objective of developing safe electronic monitoring and control systems at significantly reduced costs.

We build safety into our products through adherence to industry standard practices for safety management. The products ADS develops are cutting edge in the diving and hyperbaric industries, but they are based on tried and true components and development processes which are standard in many other industries. More information on the safety focused development process is available here. ADS operates an ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System and views product quality and safety as our primary concern. A detailed documentation package is available for all of our products to support customer specific certification requirements.

We achieve significant cost savings by developing standardized hardware and software solutions which can be used by a range of customers with limited customization necessary. For example, our saturation chamber controller can be customized with your company’s procedures such as your compression and decompression protocols, but is otherwise based on a standard set of functionality common to many diving organizations.

Automation products, from chamber controllers, to decompression computers, to digital recording systems, are set to significantly change the way professional diving is conducted and hyperbaric medicine is practiced. Advanced Diving Systems is working towards this future. Please contact us to discuss how we can help meet the needs of your organization.